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Virginia Neuropathy Solutions is now accepting New Patients!

Thank you for choosing us!

After your phone consultation please register as a NEW PATIENT 

Virginia Neuropathy is currently  accepting new patients  and welcomes you and your family to experience an alternative to rushed, symptom-based health care.  We offer personalized health services that integrate traditional rehabilitation, clinical nutrition, and functional medicine in a caring and compassionate setting where your  needs and concerns are truly heard.


Our thorough approach considers your individual history and addresses the physical, emotional, environmental, and nutritional influences that impact your health. In partnership with you, we tailor treatment plans that target the root causes of your symptoms and provide guidance and support to make the necessary changes to improve your health and well being.

Peripheral Neuropathy Brain and Nutrition Matrix is required to schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Ratcliffe. The extensive information gained from the customized intake information supports Dr. Ratcliffe in assessing your health and identify the root cause of your symptoms. One of the many benefits of using this application is that it collects your medical history, environmental and nutritional influences that impact your health. It’s also saves our practice time on the intake process – meaning more time for us to paint a comprehensive picture of our patients’ health histories with them. 


There is a cost of $195.00 in accessing and creating your own health and neurological profile.  Click below to get access the program.  Please note once completed the Matrix is non-refundable.

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