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Requesting your Phone Consultation with Dr. Ratcliffe

Before we take on your case, we require that you discuss the details with Dr. Ratcliffe

Fill In Your Info

After Submitting this form you can now schedule your will be directed to our calendar to book your call with Dr. Ratcliffe.

You’re in our office! You’ve filled out all the paperwork that you have downloaded from our web-site and are ready to be seen. The first thing our specialists will do is perform a very thorough orthopedic, neurological, sports medicine, chiropractic, and musculoskeletal assessment. We leave no stone unturned to discover the underlying cause of your problem. Often times we see a combination of degenerative changes of the spine, such as disc conditions, or bone spurs, or hidden causes like subtle misalignments of the spine that chiropractic can correct. In addition to this, we often find there are weaknesses of certain muscles even in people who work out regularly. Our job is to uncover this and help you on your way to health. In addition to the time-tested and thorough initial evaluation, the doctors may feel it is necessary to order advanced imaging such as CT scan, bone scan, MRI, or even to do some laboratory studies to make sure that there is no underlying health problem that would interfere with the treatment in our office or impede your rapid progress towards health and living a symptom-free lifestyle. Because this is your first visit, extensive time is used to correctly assess your individual problem.

Step 2: 

Download and fill out the registration form. Read the HIPAA privacy notice.

Step 3: 

If you have been in a car accident please fill out this form.

Step 4:

If you have a neck or a back problem fill out one or both of these next two forms.

Step 5:

Read what to bring.

1. Health insurance card and a referral from your primary care doctor, if needed. In most cases a referral is not necessary.
2. Your completed office forms downloaded here.
3. Pertinent medical records such as X-rays, MRI or lab work
4. Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
5. If you have a lower back problem it is necessary to examine the muscles and posture of your legs as well, so garments that allow us to see your legs, knees, and feet, such as shorts, are helpful.
6 When evaluating the neck and other parts of the upper extremity such as the shoulder or elbow the specialist may want to assess your shoulder blade muscle mechanics, so for our female patients, wearing a sports bra would be fine. Gowns are provided in the office as well.
7. We respect your privacy and cater to shy patients so please don’t hesitate to voice your modesty concerns.

John D. Ratcliffe, DC

880 W Church Rd

Sterling, VA 20164

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