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Expert Neuropathy help Naturally!

Dr. John D. Ratcliffe DC DACRB  DACBN CFMP

Diplomate Rehabilitation

Diplomate American Clinical Board of Nutrition


Certified Functional Medicine

Physical Medicine

Chiropractic Neurology


Clinical Nutrition

Functional Medicine

Peripheral Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy


John Ratcliffe

Dr. Ratcliffe is the clinic director and an expert in conservative neuro-muscular treatment and neuropathy. He is a local, and attended University of Maryland before going to grad school.  He is the only physician in the area who is a Chiropractor and also holds a Diplomate in Rehabilitation as well as Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition.  He is Certified in Functional Medicine and treats Neuropathy with state of the art natural modalities.  Dr. Ratcliffe has extensive training in rehabilitation, clinical neurology, and functional medicine.  He has developed unique effectiver methods for helping his patients with peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy

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Dr. Ratcliffe discusses Neuropathy

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